Digital Disruption and The Smart City Challenge- Book now

This year’s pro-manchester Business Conference we will look at the challenges of Digital Disruption to the Greater Manchester economy and the key sectors in the North West.

The Smart City challenge is already upon us and well within the grasp of our city leaders and planners. The threat of Digital Disruption is an even greater challenge.

Businesses do not have the luxury of decades to adjust to the challenge of digital disruption. Digital disruption is now easier, faster and cheaper than ever. The speed of process is accelerating. The rate of change is exponential. It is the era of the “virtual company”. Uber is the great disruptor in the taxi business, yet owns no vehicles. Airbnb is the great disruptor in the hotel business, yet owns no hotels.

The digital masters, Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are setting the standards by which all service companies must be benchmarked. Software as a service, or platforms as a business model are becoming the new mantras for business organisation. Understanding the customer, has never been easier but it is ever more complex and demanding. Businesses must adapt to the challenge of digital disruption by first challenging their own organisations and business models.

It is said that when the Chinese developed their stealth bomber, the CIA didn’t see it coming. Don’t be caught out. This is the era of digital disruption

Join us in March to find out from our leading panel of experts about how to safeguard your business.