pro-manchester Economics Conference returning October 2017

The Economics of Greater Manchester

Manchester has emerged as the largest growth conurbation outside of London. We examine the success of the economy and the significant impact has on the wider region.  The city faces many opportunities and challenges in the years ahead. Will the region face up to the task … we will discover more on the day!

Themes for the day…

Manchester and the Northern Powerhouse 
Much talk of the Northern Powerhouse and much to be delivered if the early promise is to be fulfilled. The focus within Manchester is on Transport, Infrastructure and Telecommunications. We examine the future of the Northern Powerhouse and consider the key rôle Manchester has to play in this important initiative.

Manchester and life after Brexit
We asses the implications for the Manchester economy of a UK post Brexit. Motor, Aerospace, Financial Services and big pharma may be the sectors at risk of a hard exit but what will be the impact on the Manchester economy? What steps can the city take to prepare for any difficulties to come …

Balancing the Books in Greater Manchester
Manchester has set an objective to “Balance the Books” and reduce the dependency on central government for deficit funding. Great strides have been made in Salford and the City as a result of the expansive building development programme. How realistic is it to balance the books in Manchester as the government’s own targets are extended into the next decade …?

Housing – has Manchester got it covered?
The Mayor of Manchester is committed to put an end to homelessness by 2020. The region is committed to building 10,000 new homes every year as part of the national building programme. An end to sleeping rough and the begining of smooth glide to the housing nirvana? We will fact check the achievements at the conference …

The Sectors Driving Growth 
We look at the sectors driving growth in the region, including, fintech, all tech, tourism, hotels, food and drink and of course the financial and professional service sector. The pro-manchester sector group programme has it covered with our extensive events and round table offer.

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