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The UK recovery continues into Q3. We expect growth of around 3.1% this year. In this September economics update we forecast growth of 3.1% in 2014 slowing to 2.8% next year. Inflation will remain slightly below target, CPI basis, over the balance of the year. Unemployment will continue to fall, government
borrowing will also fall, the service sector will lead the recovery as manufacturing and construction output also rise.



About the Author

John Ashcroft is author of the weekly Saturday Economist and Chief Economist for Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. He is Chief Executive of pro.manchester, a member of the AGMA Business Leadership Council, the Council of the GM Chamber of Commerce and a visiting professor at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Educated at the London School of Economics, with a PhD in economics, his specialist subjects include economics, corporate strategy, business modelling and social media. Economics specialisms include the UK balance of payments, international trade, interest rates and exchange rates modelling.

John Ashcroft (PhD) BSc.(Econ) FRSA, CBIM