Knights PLC

Knights is challenging and changing the delivery of legal & professional services, creating a versatile business environment fit for the evolving needs of our commercial clients.

Free from the ties of equity partners and an outdated hierarchy, we apply common sense leadership that is driven by a unified strategy.

The effect is much more than marginal. We create lower overheads, increased investment and outstanding value for our clients.

This is game changing in our sector.

As the leading consolidator of legal & professional services in the UK, we operate with agility and flexibility. We deliver a unique blend of expertise where it’s needed most.

Putting clients first means that we are driven by them. We have a commercial structure that delivers value and professionals that are aligned to a thriving culture of helping clients realise their ambitions.

We think differently, act differently, make decisions differently and think long term. We are a team; taking great pride in all we do. Our professionals are collegiate and genuinely supportive of each other.

We believe that this is a much better way of doing better business together.

Known for our innovative approach to delivering successful business partnerships, we are a unique proposition in our market for employees, clients and investors alike.

Knights plc is listed on the AIM market with an ambition for growth and success; clearly focused on becoming the No.1, regional, legal & professional services business in the UK.

Discover the difference that Knights plc can make for you.