Throgmorton Capital Management

Throgmorton was founded by a group of experienced financial planners and investment managers with the goal of building a company that would provide clients with a high-quality, joined-up wealth management service.

Most firms handle only the financial planning and outsource responsibility for managing your investments to another company.

We feel that being able to deliver both services from under one roof allows us to serve our clients better. It reduces the costs they incur which over the long-term has a positive effect on the value of their investments.

The company’s relentless focus on serving its clients, and on improving and expanding its service offering has led to it becoming a strong presence within wealth management. Its reputation allows it to attract and retain talented staff who in turn further improve its services.

We believe that if the company continues to serve its clients well this virtuous process will continue, and we will be able to enrich the lives of a growing number of people through our services.