Your questions answered


Do you have a question about pro-manchester? You should find the answer below. But if not, please get in touch on admin@pro-manchester.co.uk or 0161 833 0964.


1. Questions about pro-manchester membership


How do I become a member?
If your organisation is already a pro-manchester member, you can add yourself to their membership list.

If not, sign your organisation up now


How much does membership cost?
Membership fees are based on the number of staff employed by your organisation in the Greater Manchester area. Once you sign up, all of those staff members are eligible to attend pro-manchester events.

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Is pro-manchester a networking organisation?
No, we are much more than this. We do run around 130 events every year. And these are ideal for building your list of contacts. But we also help you educate and develop your staff, and raise your business’s profile across the North West.

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2. Questions about pro-manchester events


How do I book onto an event?
Login to your pro-manchester account and search our events to see what we have got planned. Once you have found an event you like, click to ‘book now’. You can also book a place for a colleague or guest while you are logged in.


How many places can I book?
Our booking system allows you to book all the tickets you want in one go. But places are usually limited per member organisation. For example, free events are normally restricted to two places each. This policy gives all our members a fair chance to attend our events.


Can I attend if I’m not a pro-manchester member?
Some of our events are also open to non-members. These include creative pro-manchester and sector events.

Also open to non-members are the one-off events that we organise with other local organisations. And paid events, where non-members can come as a guest of a member.


How much do events cost?
The majority of pro-manchester events are free to members. But the cost of paid events varies depending on the type of event it is.

Here is a rough indication of the prices for our paid events:

  • Monthly members’ lunch: £35 + VAT
  • One-off key events: £40 – £50 + VAT
  • future pro-manchester events: from £20 + VAT
  • Annual dinner: £125 + VAT

All prices will be included with the event description.

How do I go about speaking at an event?

This is a great way to showcase your knowledge to your fellow members. If there is a topic that you would like to speak about, please contact  katie.robson@pro-manchester.co.uk or 0161 817 3488.


How do I go about hosting an event?
If you would like to host an event, please contact our Events & Marketing Manager, Claire Turnbull claire.turnbull@pro-manchester.co.uk or 0161 817 3482