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  • Millions of British workers are facing a financial crisis – their employers could offer them the lifeline they need

    Date: Thursday 6th August 2020

    Time: 9:30 am

    Almost nine million workers have been furloughed due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, taking a hit to their pay […]

  • The role Technology could play in helping Greater Manchester to #BuildBackBetter

    Date: Wednesday 22nd July 2020

    Time: 2:00 pm

    The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has forced us all to significantly change the way we go about our daily […]

  • Business Risk Audit

    Date: Wednesday 5th August 2020

    Time: 10:00 am

    Companies of all sizes should carry out a business risk audit to quantify the value of their business and to […]

  • Cyber Security Hygiene During COVID-19: A Dos and Dont’s Guide to Share With Your Employees

    It is an unfortunate fact that cyber threat actors will seize on adverse situations to achieve their goals. All security […]
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  • Top tips for protecting your inventions

    The current lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic has given some people a lot more free time.  Additionally, we have […]
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  • Top tips for managing commercial contracts and disputes during Covid-19

    Over the past few weeks we have received numerous queries from clients and contacts about how to manage existing contracts, […]
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  • Why everyone needs a library

    Why everyone needs a library

    In the virtual world of video conference calls, one issue looms (Zooms) large – what do you have in your […]
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  • I have heard the term Employment Related Security – what does it mean?

    I have heard the term Employment Related Security – what does it mean?

    The term Employment Related Securities (ERS) means that the shares or securities in question are acquired in connection with an […]
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  • Choosing the right workspace for digital and tech businesses

    Choosing the right workspace for digital and tech businesses

    Flexibility and shared space is a common desire for a lot of businesses with many opting for coworking, hot desks […]
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