How to get the most out of our events

Quick tips for when attending a pro-manchester event

Thinking of attending one of our events? Below are a few simple tips for getting the most out of the experience:

Tip 1: Plan ahead
To find out who will be at the event, just ask for a copy of the attendance list from the event organiser.

Tip 2: Go prepared
If you plan on networking, you should take some business cards. We’d also recommend taking your smartphone, so that you can schedule some meetings.

Tip 3: Observe networking etiquette
When trying to develop promising contacts, it is as much about establishing rapport as selling your business. A good way of breaking the ice is by making effective small talk. People love to talk about themselves, so ask some questions and show that you can be a great listener.

Tip 4: Follow up
It’s a good idea to send follow up emails to the contacts you have made at an event. What could be easier than sending a quick email saying ‘great to meet you?’ If you didn’t manage to get their details, the manager of the event will be happy to send you a delegates list.

Fancy attending an event?

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