5 Microsoft Power Apps Use Cases for Organisations

Tuesday, 17th August 2021

Guest blog by Robyn Garcia – Complete I.T.


What is Microsoft Power Apps?

With Microsoft Power Apps you can transform repetitive, manual tasks into simple processes. Power Apps helps to improve your team’s processes, making mundane tasks, quick and easy to complete as well as improving the customer journey and therefore customer satisfaction levels.

Whether you are a Manufacturer in Manchester, an office based in London or a retail outlet in Liverpool, Power Apps is suitable for any industry, any process and can be embedded on to websites, phones and tablets.

Microsoft Power Apps Use Cases for Organisations

Hot Desk Booking Power App

Problem: Due to having limited space or because of health and safety reasons you need to keep track of who is in the office/warehouse, but you are struggling to manage this process.

Solution: A Hot Desk Booking Power App would allow your team members to book a slot in advance, making it easy to manage who will be in the office and making sure the office/warehouse is not overcrowded.

Managing Manufacturing Processes Power App

Problem: From start to finish, managing manufacturing processes is a struggle and has been leading to repetitive human errors.

Solution: You can streamline your manufacturing process with a Power App where you can track everything from picking and packing an order, quality control checks, sign-offs and delivery.

Retail Sales Floor Power App

Problem: As a result of a reduction in footfall and retail sales, the sales floor team are demotivated.

Solution: Energise your retail environment with a Power App which will enhance the customer journey. Using a tablet on the sales floor to scan products and check if other sizes are in stock, upsell merchandise with similar product recommendations and easily process transactions directly on the sales floor.

Field Service Agent Power App

Problem: When visiting a client site, the admin side is taking too much time away from delivering the service and involves masses of paperwork.

Solution: With a paper-less Power App you’ll be able to centralise all documents and progress in one place. You’ll be able to communicate updates, track progress and get sign off, all from the Power App.

Education Sector – Work Submission Power App

Problem: Tracking student process has become a struggle and students are unsure as to how they are performing.

Solution: A work submission Power App would improve performance transparency and would enable teachers to set assignments, students to upload them and teachers to submit results and feedback – all in one place. Homework, coursework and examination grades could be seen, and strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement could be pinpointed.