7 tips for the best MIMA entry

Monday, 7th October 2019

Blog by Events and Marketing Manager, Claire Turnbull

We’re delighted that entries for The Made in Manchester Awards are already flooding in! It looks like our judges are going to have their work cut out in identifying the shortlisted for next year’s awards.

But what are the judges looking for? And more importantly, how can you impress them? Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your entry knocks their socks off.

1. Keep it focused: Think about the key points you’re trying to get across and focus on them, whether it’s particularly working practices, skills, technologies or aptitudes. Consider using bullets, at least as a starting point and build out from there. Remember that sometimes less is sometimes more!

2. Sell yourself: Don’t be embarrassed to big yourself up – this is what they are looking for! They want to hear about the great things you have achieved.  You did it and deserve recognition for it.

3. Use examples: This is an important one. Share information about specific projects, results, and activities you’ve worked on to prove to the judges that you’re delivering results and making a difference. A general overview is great, but pick out specifics that show how your input helped.

4. Include Supporting Evidence: Make sure the supporting evidence backs up your claims in the main submission. The more testimonials the better. Relevant facts and figures can also improve your awards entry. Where necessary validate your claims to enable the judges to evaluate their impact.

5. Speak to your colleagues: The people you work with every day are in a great position to provide examples of your work, your expertise and your attitude. While you might think you’ve thought of everything, they may be able to add a few things that will add a new dimension to your submission.

6. Stick to the rules: Complete all sections on the entry form and keep to the word count. Use your entry as an opportunity to explain clearly why you should be a Made in Manchester winner 2020.

Complete your submission well in advance of the deadline (15th November 2019), so you have plenty of time to ask questions and prepare your answers.

As a young professionals awards dinner all applicants must be aged 35 or under on 15th November 2019, therefore please check your date of birth before entering.

7. Proof-read: When the basics are finalised please ensure to proof read your entry to avoid errors and mistakes. Typos can make a good submission look sloppy, so thoroughly check spelling, grammar and punctuation

And if you’re still stuck, remember there’s our criteria page to review, or you can email [email protected] for more information.

If you feel ready to nominate yourself for a Made in Manchester Award, enter here.