Leveraging AI for Precision Targeting in Paid Social

Friday, 24th May 2024

One of the biggest paid social breakthroughs in recent years has been the emergence of advanced targeted advertising, which has become possible through the development of AI and machine learning.

Arguably, paid social campaigns have been able to benefit from the use of AI more so than other digital marketing streams. Thanks to the collective powers of Advantage + targeting, predictive audiences, and machine learning, paid social practitioners are now able to reach their audiences better than ever before.

Such technologies help CMOs and other marketers optimise their ad spend by identifying the most effective ad formats, content and targeting strategies for their business.

In practice, this can lead to significantly improved campaign performance and a boosted ROI for clients.

Read on to learn more about how best to leverage AI in paid marketing for real-world applications and benefits.

Bid Smarter, Not Harder

Meta’s Advantage +, which is underpinned by machine learning, is a form of shopping campaign across Meta and a prime example of using AI for paid marketing campaigns, allowing advertisers to achieve their desired outcomes more efficiently.

The system uses dynamic imagery and placements to ensure the customer is presented with the right product from your inventory. Harnessing machine learning provides the user with products they have previously shown interest in or have displayed signals of similar products.

It’s technology assimilates product information, cookies, and a user’s previous browsing history to determine the highest-intent users possible and thereby ensure optimum value for ad spend.

While a retailer may have a product feed of thousands, only those most suitable with the highest search intent will be displayed to each individual user – providing a markedly better conversion and engagement rate.

Advantage + is also prized for its quick set-up time, helping you reach valuable audiences with greater efficiency while allowing users to combine prospective and existing customer bases under one campaign with personalised products.

This makes it one of the most important tools in a performance-focused advertiser’s arsenal.

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In addition to this, AI-driven insights can enhance your audience insights and enable personalised targeting based on their own user behaviour.

One aspect of this is behavioural analysis. Machine learning algorithms analyse over 60 data points, which may include search patterns, posts frequently interacted with and geographical locations. This data-driven, granular understanding then allows advertisers to tailor their messages more effectively.

Marketers can also look to use predictive segmentation tools. Predictive segmentation is an approach which allows you to group customers by their online behaviours and by the likelihood of taking action. For instance, an online retailer may precisely target those likely to complete transactions within the next 24 hours.

Such tools allow for hyper-personalisation of the user experience. Machine learning can then identify individual preferences and serve users relevant ads. For instance, imagine showing travel lovers their next city break when they’re predictively in the market for their next holiday.

Understanding user behaviour better can help marketers deliver the right ads at the right time to the right people.

In the realm of paid social, connecting with the right customer for your business has never been easier by virtue of AI and machine learning. Savvy, forward-thinking marketers will take note.

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