A Better Way to Provide Employee Benefits – with Alltoogether

Wednesday, 28th February 2024

According to Group Risk Development, 42% of workers say they don’t understand all the benefits available to them. That’s a lot of employees not realising their true value – and a lot of employers missing the mark when it comes to strengthening their employer value proposition (EVP).

As a result, wellbeing amongst employees takes a hit while retention for the employer becomes more challenging. Which is why we’re committed to redefining the employee benefits experience for SMEs – combining insurance brokerage with an easy-to-use platform that benefits everyone!

More on us shortly, but first, a quick look at the landscape that led us here…

What’s wrong with employee benefits?

 Over the past decade, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic, EVP and workplace culture have held considerably more sway with an employee’s decision to stay, leave or join a place of work. According to a 2023 study by Sodexo, 74% of employees said an organisation’s benefits package is important when accepting a job offer.

Most SMEs get this, but many don’t know where to start, or don’t have the HR resources to properly manage their current benefits package in a way that’s accessible. So it’s no surprise that in that same Sodexo study, only 11% of workers were found to be making full use of their benefits.

Moreover, many companies think they have good employee benefits, but really they’ve been led astray by snake oil salesmen, selling morphed interpretations of what is truly beneficial. The outcome? Employees that feel unsupported and undervalued.

So, why only SMEs?

 Surely this applies to organisations of all sizes, right? Whilst we agree with this, it’s SMEs that need our help the most – here’s why…


  • They may not have the staff to manage a benefits platform effectively;
  • Enterprise level solutions often come as part of an intranet package;
  • And dedicated platforms can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

The Alltoogether platform, on the other hand, is free-to-use and monetised through the insurance companies themselves as part of our brokerage service. This way, SMEs and their employees can benefit too, without breaking the bank.

How Alltoogether works

 We provide whole-of-market insurance brokerage, providing companies one point of contact (us!) between multiple insurance providers and policies that make up their benefits package. Combining our knowledge in workplace wellbeing and insurance, we’re helping SMEs create an employee benefits package that works for them – thus giving them access to our free-to-use platform.

Harnessing automation and AI, our platform not only makes it quicker and easier to access benefits, but helps employees realise the full potential of their offering in one handy place – complete with a total rewards statement, showing an employee’s true value beyond their salary.

So you’re guaranteed…

A better way for employers – Our user-friendly, custom-branded platform significantly reduces admin, freeing up time and resources. Onboarding is simple, quick, and taken care of with no additional costs.

A better way for employees – Safe and secure, our platform provides employees with easy access to their employee benefits, helping them to understand and make full use of their total package.

The people behind the product

 Our team is made up of workplace health and wellbeing evangelists, experienced insurance brokers, disruptive creators, and passionate technologists keen to cut the bull around employee benefits and workplace wellbeing.

By combining the age-old industry of insurance brokerage with the exciting potential of automation, we help SMEs and their employees genuinely benefit from their benefits package – backed by evidence-based guidance and delivered through an easy, affordable solution.

Thanks for having us Pro Manchester. We’ve joined the ‘Wellbeing Champions’ committee and can’t wait to meet some of you at the upcoming Pro Manchester events. Or if you fancy a chinwag over a coffee, don’t hesitate to drop Founder Zak Fenton or Matt Johnston, Head of Key Accounts, a message on Linkedin!