A Month in the life of a Portfolio Finance Director – Business Owners deserve to enjoy Christmas too!

Friday, 8th December 2023

As the holiday season approaches, while employees are gearing up for the festivities, business owners are fretting about the cost of it a poor months trading, what the outcome for 2023 will be, what 2024 will bring oh and of course the costs of annual bonuses and Christmas parties.

This is where having a Portfolio Finance Director who has worked through over 30 Christmases is invaluable, I can really help relieve the stress they feel in several ways.

 Cash Flow Management:

For many of my clients December is the tightest month for cash, and they are often very worried about this. I help by preparing a detailed short term cashflow forecast, identifying any issues and coming up with solutions. Do they need to speak to HMRC about a deferral plan? Let a secured creditor know that there may be a short-term additional cash requirement?

This helps relieve their stress massively.

Overview of 2023

With all my clients I keep them up to date on what the revised annual outcome is looking like. They know how they are doing against a properly prepared forecast, they know how this means the year is likely to turn out. We have discussed the actions we need to take to make a good year better, or for most people in 2023, an average year as good as it can be.

Again this helps to take their worries away.

What does 2024 hold?

All my clients either already have a plan and a set of forecasts for 2024 or they are about to finalise them.

This means that they have a clear idea of the direction of the business, the actions they need to take and the likely outcome.

This allows them to approach 2024 knowing that they are ready to make it the best year possible.

Year-End Financial Preparation:

Many of my clients have 31 December as their year end and preparation is essential for accurate reporting and compliance. I work closely with my clients to ensure that they are well prepared, stock counts are arranged, cut off procedures in place, and everyone has a clear timeline to work to.

This keeps everyone calm and reduces work in the new year.


If as a business owner you want to enjoy Christmas, give me a call a Portfolio Finance Director can make all the difference.