Back the odds-on favourite!

Tuesday, 7th November 2023

Your online media coverage is having an impact on your organisation’s success. Odds on. Yet PR is a Marketing horse that often gets starved of oats.

This horse has better legs than most people understand. Backing media relations within the Marketing mix gives organisations a powerful competitive advantage against a strong field. Here’s why:
1. Not many people read the Racing Post in hard copy nowadays. They read it on their phone or tablet to get the tips. The same applies to other media titles – traditional print editions have been overtaken by online versions way before the final furlong. Online news is what influences the choices consumers make

2. Like a top racehorse, online news has tremendous stamina. It keeps on running, staying visible to the audience for weeks, months or even years, continuing to influence the reputation of the stable (the organisation) and the winnings (sales)

3. You wouldn’t back a horse based on number of races run (volume of coverage) or TV audience watching the race (potential reach). That’s just ill-informed gambling. It’s also why many organisations don’t trust media relations to bring home the prize – they need better information about its effectiveness before they allocate budget

4. Successful punters study the form before deciding where to place their bet. Metricomm’s analysis can show how online media coverage is performing over time. We reveal whether it is impacting business outcomes such as Google search or revenue, as well as how it stacks up against the rest of the field (named competitors) in generating wins for your organisation

5. We can demonstrate with odds of a million to one (or sometimes better) that the results delivered by online media content cannot be attributable to anything else

6. Every jockey needs a race plan. There’s no point leading out of the starting gate and fading fast. So, when we’ve identified the racecourses (named online media) and tactics that get you past the post, you can align your training (strategy and planning) to achieve more of these great results

7. We use AI to pinpoint which commentary (themes and issues) is increasing levels of commercial interest in your stable, so you can tailor your talking points when you’re asked to do a media interview

8. Meanwhile, the colour of your silks (advertising) is great, but media relations can be a better bet in terms of utility (effectiveness compared to cost) and amplifies the impact of advertising spend.

Our ability to have conversations based on hard evidence about media outcomes in the digital world means our clients are not also-rans. They use our data to hone their communication performance and ensure they are in the winners’ enclosure, race after race.

Want to know more? Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth by contacting me on [email protected]

Gareth Jones is Managing Director of Metricomm and a member of the Pro-Manchester Creative, Digital & Media Committee.

Metricomm is a data-driven solution for planning and evaluating the business impact of media coverage. It uses in-built AI and audience data to significantly increase accuracy versus volume-based media analysis; and provides quantitative insights that demonstrate the power of media coverage within the marketing ecosystem.