BeMS recommission reduces our client’s reactive costs by 63%

Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Our client is a specialist retailer and has 400+ stores within their portfolio across the UK. Within each store, there are critical areas that require specific temperature monitoring. Our client has a huge drive towards net zero so it is key that the internal store environment is controlled as efficiently as possible.

The Systems:

At present, there is a local BeMS controller at each store that controls the AC, lighting, fans and a number of other functions depending on the store’s usage. The client has a central BeMS bureau to view their estate collectively and to generate alarms and reports. The BeMS relies on a number of factors to control the store temperature, such as outside temperature, internal temperature and the stores operating times.

The problem: Retail is all focused around the consumer experience, which can mean that store layouts can be adjusted without taking the BeMS and sensors into consideration that can interrupt the BeMS operation. The main issue being sensors, that the BeMS relies on to confirm whether heating or cooling is required, no being in the correct places.

In addition to this, the BeMS was enabling equipment, but there was no confirmation that the message was getting to the equipment. This can lead to faults not being detected centrally and requiring visual confirmation. I.e a signal can be sent to distract fans to turn on by the BeMS, but there may be no confirmation back that the Destrat fans are actually running.

Some Examples:

  • Sensors are panelled over in refits
  • Sensors are damaged and not replaced
  • Items that give off heat or cooling are located around the sensors i.e. lighting, kettles, products
  • Sensors end up being at the wrong height
  • Damage to cables

Problems This Can Cause:

  • Sensors read hotter than they should, causing excessive cooling or Sensors read cooler than they should be causing excessive heating – both leading to discomfort for employees, customers
  • Heating and cooling systems running more often than required leading to increased energy consumption, failures and increased cost to the customer
  • The BeMS showing HVAC is being enabled when the connection has failed
  • The main issue is that the BeMS looks like it is performing well as none of these issues are visible through the system. They have to be confirmed physically onsite.

Our Solution: BeMS Recommision

Due to our BeMS expertise and our national coverage, we are able to coordinate between our on the ground engineers completing physical checks and the central BeMS platform. Our engineers follow strict criteria when they are onsite confirming locations of sensors and completing a visual check that HVAC systems are operating as the BeMS is instructing.

We agreed on a fixed reporting structure with our client so they could analyse the findings of our survey quickly and easily, providing this as a national database, followed by a site by site report including images.

We completed the full recommission of the 400+ stores within 3 months, identifying over 63% of the sites had improvement recommendations, whether this was regarding repair works or further carbon reduction measures that could be taken.

We have also established a routine with the HVAC service provider to complete basic visual checks annuals within the servicing to keep on top of any further changes or issues.

Benefits Of A BeMS Recommission:

  • Confirm the data you have is reliable and relevant
  • Improved comfort
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduction in Carbon
  • Reduction in running costs
  • Reduction in HVAC runtime
  • More effective building control
  • A step closer to Net Zero

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