Canopy and Monevo: A Partnership to Empower Renters’ Financial Health

Wednesday, 29th May 2024

By Kyra Richards, Monevo

Canopy and Monevo have partnered to empower renters’ financial health by offering tailored financial products and services. This partnership allows renters to access a wide range of financial solutions that fit their personal circumstances. Learn more about this exciting collaboration.

Canopy, a company that aims to make renting easier and more financially secure for households, has recently partnered with Monevo, a leading lending marketplace. This partnership presents exciting opportunities for renters using Canopy, as it allows them to access a wider range of financial products and services tailored to their personal circumstances.

Monevo’s next-generation credit eligibility and distribution platform delivers pre-qualified personal loan and credit card offers from a wide range of financial products and services, including personal loans, secured loans, and credit cards from over 65 credit providers.

Canopy chose to partner with Monevo because of its reputation as a leading lending marketplace offering a wide range of financial products and services that fit into the broad financial situations of the renters going through the Canopy platform. Additionally, Monevo’s technology and expertise align with Canopy’s goal of providing comprehensive solutions to improve the financial health of rental households.

“Collaborating with Monevo has been a valuable step towards offering more of our renters financial solutions that fit their personal circumstances. Their lending marketplace complements our services well, offering our customers more options. We’re pleased with the initial launch progress and look forward to launching additional products as we build our partnership,” said Chris Hutchinson, CEO of Canopy, about the partnership with Monevo.

Canopy’s core products, RentPassport and CanopyGrow, are designed to help renters improve their financial health. RentPassport is a multi-channel tenant referencing solution that uses Open Banking and credit data to assess tenants’ affordability and creditworthiness. CanopyGrow, on the other hand, is a subscription service packed with tools to help renters improve their credit scores. By partnering with Monevo, Canopy can expand its offerings by facilitating access to loans, credit cards, and other financial products that can further support renters in managing their finances effectively.