Collaboration is our not-so secret weapon

Tuesday, 6th February 2018

A few words from Nick Black of Apadmi on how local partnerships are the key to success – especially in the tech field.

We launched Apadmi in Manchester nearly 10 years ago, but there’s never been a more exciting time to be a tech business here than right now. It feels like there’s a real buzz in the city, which is growing every day while new businesses and ideas are being launched every week.

The challenge is, then, to make sure your product or service stands out and gets seen by the right people?

Our strategy is the same today as it was in 2008 – build a great, local network and be a generous part of it. Give time, share ideas, meet people and work together.

It makes sense – it’s so much easier to succeed with good contacts, relationships and partners around you. And to help you grow your associates and allies, get involved with groups like pro-manchester, who can really help you.

After we partnered with pro-manchester, and Apadmi joined their network of companies, we gained an even stronger footing in the tech field. Not just introductions to other businesses like us – like-minded people who we can share experiences with and learn from one another – but those who want to get in touch with tech companies because they’re in need of a particular skill or service.

Just a few of the events we’ve engaged with pro-manchester in include:

• Our recent Mobile Monday event focusing on how technology is continuing to transform the Healthcare industry – well attended, full of passionate speakers and packed with engaging stories

• We joined the pro-manchester Tech, Healthcare & Creative Committees – a chance to discuss upcoming events in the community, but also meet some great people from unique businesses

• Their Digital Disrupted event last year showcased the energy and enthusiasm of regional talent, showing just what Manchester can achieve (and is achieving) together in the technology sector

It’s their real passion for all things “Manc” that is clearly their driving force, which is what makes their events so useful for Apadmi.

They appreciate that technology isn’t pervasive in all business, but they understand (like we do!) that every business can improve with the right technology.

Start building bridges

My advice to anyone wanting to build their business is to get out there and start making friends. And – that word again – be generous with your time and knowledge. We want to meet people who are just as restless to innovate and develop as we are, which is why we’re so active in the community:

• We hold tech lunches for businesses wanting to know how voice could transform their operations.

• Our Ventures team run regular due diligence sessions to teach investors the importance of checking the building blocks of a seemingly great tech start-up

• This year we’ve hosted workshops in Alexa skills where developers can enhance their technical voice skillset

• Apadmi partners with local schools and universities, giving talks on why it’s great to work on the Manchester tech scene and how to start your career

In Manchester, there’s a strong digital heritage, and that’s evolving all the time. Last year, Salford officially overtook London as the UK’s top city for start-up growth, while Manchester was named the third most active tech innovation city.

That’s got to be something worth shouting about? Working with groups like pro-manchester is what helps to nurture growth like this, supporting Manchester businesses and helping you expand your reach with their connections.

About the Author – Nick Black

CEO & Co-Founder at Apadmi, with over 16 years of mobile experience, focused on building relationships based on trust and technical expertise.

Since they began in 2009, Apadmi have restlessly looked for ways to make life better for individuals and companies alike through mobile.

Apadmi have crafted solutions for some of the UK’s biggest brands, including the NHS, BBC, Co-op and Argos. They’ve also invested in a series of tech start-ups including RealityMine, Bidooh and Beatstream.