Employee wellbeing is made simple with Leafyard’s toolkit

Tuesday, 23rd April 2024

In 2024, everyone is talking about wellbeing, mental health, and employee benefits. Every week new research is released in the workplace wellbeing sector showing stats like 75% of employees expect wellbeing support, mental illness costs the UK £300 billion a year, and the businesses who support staff wellbeing have a 5:1 ROI.

But it’s hard for a business to know what to do with this information. The conversation is focused on the why, not the how. This is why Leafyard has teamed up with The Women’s Organisation to create the ultimate wellbeing guide for HR professionals, SMEs, and wellbeing leads.

Leafyard has broken down the process into easy practical steps so that you can create a comprehensive and meaningful wellbeing strategy for its employees. It details:

  • Why you need a strategy
  • How it benefits you and your business
  • The seven blocks required to build your organisation’s strategy

You can access the guide here.

As a team of behavioural science experts, Leafyard has been working in the wellbeing sector to create support that people actually use, find meaningful, and continue to use for the longterm. Their app uses AI and techniques from behavioural science to empower people to build healthy habits and maintain wellbeing. This, in turn, improves culture, supports retention, and reduces presenteeism.

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