Future pro-manchester: Sleep & Leadership

Date: Tuesday 26th January 2021
Time: 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
Location: Webinar, , ,
Cost: Free
As part of the Future pro committee's focus on well being, they bring you:
Sleep & Leadership
Beingwell's James Wilson aka The Sleep Geek is offering the chance for pro-manchester members to address their sleep issues, particularly around busy work schedules and working from home. James is the UK's favourite sleep expert and regularly pops-up on our TV screens on shows like BBC Breakfast, ITV's This Morning and C4's Steph's Packed Lunch, helping the nation to get a better night's-kip! He's also an experienced business speaker having worked with numerous large brands such as Zurich, Coca-Cola and Pret-a-manger in order to to help their teams sleep better and improve their wellbeing. James is part of a wider wellbeing business called Beingwell whose mission is to help you to live your everyday personal best and that starts with, you guessed it, waking up from a better night's kip!
James' session will help members:
  1. Understanding their own sleep type better
  2. Creating a better sleep routine for themselves
  3. Improve your behaviours around sleep
  4. Address how you think about sleep
  5. Help you to create the right sleep environment
A UK based wellbeing start-up, launching in January 2021, focused on providing simple life improving wellbeing for your organisation. Beingwell is a growing family of products, apps and rich content which are simple to use and accessible from one central place. You can trust our products because they are developed by scientists, doctors and experts using research and evidence to prove their effectiveness at improving your wellbeing.
What do we mean by "Wellbeing"?
"Wellbeing" can mean different things to different people, that's why Beingwell is organised into a number of sections each with their own clear focus.

About the Speakers:

Laura Guillon Senior Associate - Hall Brown

Laura is a Senior Associate at Hall Brown Family Law and the Chair of Future pro-manchester. She specialises in divorce and financial remedies following separation.

Laura gives concise, straightforward advice and seeks to ‘cut through the detail’ to help her clients navigate whatever situation they may face. At the same time, she recognises the emotional impact separation has on the individuals involved and keeps a firm focus on the whole family dynamic, in particular the importance of parents maintaining a healthy working relationship following separation.

Laura is a regular contributor to legal and non-legal publications having featured in the Family Law Journal, The Daily Mail and Radio Four Woman’s Hour.

James Wilson The Sleep Geek - BeingWell

I am a Sleep Behaviour and Environment Expert who has, with a supporting team of other experts, developed an approach that helps people understand their sleep better, and assist them in making the changes to their mindset, behaviours and environment that can lead to better sleep. As the third generation of my family to be involved in the production of sleep products it was embarrassing to share with people that I suffered from insomnia. For as long as I could remember, I struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep. Finally, in my mid-twenties I found the drive to solve my problem and that led to me training as a practitioner to help others. I am committed to improving the quality of sleep services for poor sleepers in the UK and raising the awareness of the massive impact poor sleep has on our emotional and physical wellbeing.

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