A Multigenerational Workforce: Mapping the Way Forward

Date: Tuesday 14th May 2024
Time: 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Location: TLT LLP, 3 Hardman Square, , M3 3EB
Cost: £FREE (members) £20 (non-members)
Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity
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Employers find the topic of preparing for an ageing workforce very important, scoring it seven out of 10, yet do not feel they are strategically prepared, scoring it four out of 10. This is one of the key findings of research done by two charities ProAge and Brave Starts in a survey they conducted last summer.

Join us on May 14th for a workshop to learn more about the what organisations have been doing and their plans going forward to create a more age inclusive, multigenerational workforce. By joining us, you will meet people from other organisations with a shared interest in the topic and together we will be working on practical solutions to attract and retain older workers.

​This workshop is part of a series we will be holding around the country to collect input, so that we can write a report for policy makers with implementable recommendations from employers. Other workshops have been and will be held in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

About the Speakers:

Mike Mansfield Chief Executive Officer - ProAge

Mike is the CEO of ProAge. He is a seasoned thought leader on the topics of longevity, age-inclusion and multigenerational workplaces.

ProAge is a UK charity dedicated to creating age-inclusive workplaces and high-performing multigenerational teams.

Mike has been responsible for the establishment of the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement. While working at Aegon, Mike authored and published 13 reports on retirement security with insights and recommendations for governments, employers and individuals. He also developed and piloted the Silver Starters program to help people age 50+ understand if entrepreneurship is something for them and help them start their own business.


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