Developing employees as ‘brand’ advocates through social media to grow business

Date: Wednesday 29th January 2020
Time: 08:00 AM - 09:30 AM
Location: Clarke Willmott, 55 Spring Gardens, , M2 2BY
Cost: £Free (Members only)
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Technology, Media and Comms

With the apparent addiction to mobile devices and social media across different generations and the ever changing way we communicate in our private and work life, it’s hard to ignore the power of it and its impact on business.

Social media is 20 years old, and yet, only 9% of companies in the UK truly engage on it.
Organisations spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on advertising, external brand ambassadors, and influencers to build and promote their brand, yet not realising that it’s people who are the most powerful asset to do so.

For employers this event will convince them to seriously consider employee advocacy as a crucial initiative that brings many tangible benefits - improved engagement, increased productivity, improved company culture and consequently increased profit. It will also demonstrate why now it’s crucial more than ever for EVERYONE IN BUSINESS, on every level to use social media and do it WELL.

The speaker will also introduce the key elements necessary in developing authentic internal brand advocates and presents companies that have done it successfully.

About the Speakers:

Jowita Penkala -
  • Jowita Penkala, the Founder and MD of Uniqua Brand has a background in strategic marketing and HR. She has been delivering brand communication strategies for more than 15 years in the USA and the UK. She has a Masters Degree in Marketing and Management,
  • Jowita has worked with numerous companies in the USA, UK, Poland and Germany across a variety of sectors from legal, financial, technology right through to medical, manufacturing, engineering, real-estate and retail.
  • Jowita has developed a unique social media process, tried and rigorously tested for 4 years in the past. Using this process, she helps businesses build more than profit, with proven results.

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