From Click to Close – Proven Strategies to Nurture B2B Prospects into Sales

Date: Tuesday 3rd December 2024
Time: 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
Location: TBC, Manchester City Centre, , ,
Cost: Free
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96% of people come to your website and don’t make an enquiry or buy from you, yet they could still be a valuable prospect for your business.

When you can master the art of lead nurturing, you’ll have huge competitive advantage. You’ll keep your brand at the forefront of your prospective clients, you’ll have a continual strong pipeline of qualified leads and you’ll be able to convert those leads when they’re ready to buy from you.

This insightful and interactive session will break down the important actions you need to take so you come away with the ability to:

  • Deliver and influence the strategies that will ‘hook’ your prospects so you can keep them warm and nurtured.
  • Understand what stage your leads are in their customer journey so you can provide them with valuable, relevant content.
  • Identify the right collaborations, influencers and channels that will effectively nurture your prospects.
  • Influence your marketing teams so you can interact with a lead in the RIGHT WAY at specific touchpoints and give the lead a unified experience with your brand.
  • Understand what tasks you can automate to keep lead nurturing simple and achievable to nurture prospects at scale.

This event is led by Digital Strategist, Clare Moorhouse who has more than 25 years’ experience helping B2B brands generate revenue through digital marketing.

About the Speakers:

Clare Moorhouse Founder - Moorhouse Digital

Clare is a digital marketing and lead generation expert with 25 years’ experience in SEO, Content Marketing, and B2B lead generation.

She has worked in-house as Marketing Director for large corporates and for one of the top B2B marketing agencies in the UK before setting up her own Digital Agency, Moorhouse Digital, in 2016.

Whether you’re looking to generate more leads from your website, build a scalable and predictable sales funnel, or create content that converts, Clare has the experience and know-how to adapt the right digital strategy to suit your current situation, budget, and objectives.


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