Masterclass – Build: Marketing Strategy Fundamentals

Date: Friday 28th May 2021
Time: 09:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Bloc 17, Auditorium, Marble St, Manchester, M2 3AW
Cost: £80 (members) £110 (non-members)
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Learn how to systematically grow your business through strategic campaigns that work.

About this masterclass

If you’re serious about marketing strategy and not just ‘doing’ marketing, then the Build methodology is for you.

Build is a strategic programme featuring educational content, interactive, actionable workshops and a community for business owners serious about marketing. It’s designed to help you unlock the strategy and systems you need to deliver powerful marketing campaigns that work by guiding you to deploy the foundations required to deliver consistent results – whatever challenges and changes you’re facing.

No hacks, quick fixes, shortcuts or waffle.

Build is all about the hard work you need to do if you’re serious about driving your business forward. It’s about channelling that hard work effectively, so you’re not just busy, you’re doing the activity that matters in a way that makes a difference.

Build empowers you to develop clarity, consistency, structure, long term thinking and attention to detail (yes, we think sweating the small stuff matters).

Build is more than just a programme that gets your business ready to create impactful marketing campaigns. It is a practical methodology and a campaign mindset that gives you the tools, the strategy, and the accountability to make it happen.

During this masterclass we’ll guide you through the fundamentals of the Build methodology:

B: B is for the 'building blocks'. We'll make sure you have solid foundations in place so all your marketing campaigns efficiently and systematically deliver on their objectives.

U: U is for ‘understand’. We'll guide you through the power of a ‘campaign mindset’, help you find your business’s ‘SO WHAT?’ factor, and help you understand what you need to put in place to create tangible results.

I: I is for 'interrogate'. It’s about digging deep into your audience, messaging, channels, resources, skillsets, and reporting. You’ll learn to make sound decisions based on meaningful research, taking the stress, delay & back and forth out of decision making.

L: L is for ‘launch’ and ‘layer’. It’s about planning, processes, people and performance. Get ready to implement campaigns that create the energy and momentum to drive your business forward.

D: D is for ‘data’ and ‘delving deeper’. We’ll share our approach to testing, deployment and learning, meaning you can spend time gathering the most important data and making informed decisions. Essentially creating a culture of continuous improvement and maximised performance.

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Who is this event for?

From mid-tier, fast-growth businesses to newly founded SMEs, Build is aimed at founders, owners and senior business leaders who need to implement growth campaigns grounded in commercial thinking and business strategy.

At the end of this masterclass, you'll walk away with:

A better understanding of how to drive your business forward through marketing – including key marketing principles and what they look like in action through real-world case studies.

More clarity on the strengths of your current strategy and what areas need more of your attention.

Worksheets, activities, planners and resources you can use time and time again, based on the BUILD methodology's timeless principles.

Previous attendees to our events have said:

“Light bulb thinking! It was so helpful to take time out to think about "planning" marketing and prepare with confidence”

“Open forum, good information, engaging and knowledgeable speakers”

“Diverse range of topics covered by people who have the experience to share useful advice.”

"Thanks to Mike Pye, Sarah Wilde & AJ Handley-Rowe for hosting their very informative webinar this morning discussing how you should continue to market your business within a crisis such as the one we're facing right now...."

“So much useful info and examples that helped bring it all to life”

"The session this morning was extremely useful - thanks so much! "

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to the team for today’s webinar….I learnt a lot !!!" I really liked your informal style and the balance of input from all of you was spot on. Also loved your format of ‘research’, ‘stories’ and ‘best practice tips’…kept it interesting and engaging."

"Just a personal note to say thank you very much for this morning. I found it a really good event, incredibly useful and have scribbled lots of useful and practical takeaways. Nice atmosphere too I felt."

"Great insights and highly useful practical advice to take away."


About the Speakers:

clemson - Mike Pye + Co

Mike is a commercially focused marketing strategist with nearly 15 years of experience in businesses big and small. With vast experience across brand, digital, content and CRM, and a stickler for process, Mike builds results-driven multi channel marketing campaigns and excellent, high performance teams.

AJ Handley-Rowe ACIM - Mike Pye + Co

AJ is an award-winning, innovative, results-focused digital campaign and creative content specialist, with over ten years of experience across a range of sectors. What AJ doesn’t know about digital strategy isn’t worth knowing.

Sarah Wilde CIM - Mike Pye + Co

A commercially driven marketer and brand specialist, Sarah excels in brand & marketing strategy and content marketing delivery. A passionate marketing professional with a CIM Professional Postgrad Diploma in Marketing, Sarah brings brands to life through creative campaigns.

Interested In The Event?

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