“Me a speaker? I don’t think so…”

Date: Tuesday 5th March 2024
Time: 08:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: etc.venues, 11 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3HU
Cost: £20 (non-members) FREE (members)
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Only a small percentage of people can truly say they enjoy getting up in front of a room full of people or a camera to deliver a talk, training or be interviewed. Others struggle to even get their point across at team meetings.

Why? For many, they lack the confidence, the situation is outside of their comfort zone or they just don't want to do it!

As a result, many individuals who have the right skills, experience and personal attributes do not put themselves forward for these types of opportunities-though if they were to do so, it would greatly enhance their personal profile and typically that of their business.

Too often, we see the same faces in front of the room or the camera and the situation is repeated time and time again as "if you can't see it", you don't think the opportunity or role is for you.

This has knock-on implications for diversity and inclusion, a hotly debated topic right now and one which should be truly embedded in all businesses-and not just a "nice to have".

At this breakfast seminar we will hear from speakers who have gone on the journey from feeling sick at the prospect of speaking in public to becoming confident speakers, and from those who are pushing hard to ensure true representation from the widest contributors possible.

This will be a great event for your personal development and make many businesses look around and consider just how representative the people who speak on behalf of their business truly are and what they can do to change that.

About the Speakers:

Cheryl Chatterton Former Police Detective Superintendent -

A creative and dynamic former senior police leader with extensive experience of supporting individuals from underrepresented groups, helping them to maximise their potential and overcome blockages to personal development.

Cheryl is passionate about promoting and supporting the wellbeing of senior leaders and their teams, including those dealing with the greatest threat, harm and risk. For over a decade, she has led on identifying and sharing best practice across organisations and is skilled in building happy teams.

Cheryl is experienced in increasing the diversity of the workforce to better reflect the community. She has long championed senior women in policing, developing flexible and attractive working environments, allowing employees to achieve work-life balance. She believes that she can apply these practices within the business community.


Charmaine Connors Head of Partnerships - Agent Academy

A serial networker, collaborator and an advocate of social impact and change for good. Current Head of partnerships with Agent Academy, pro-manchester skills committee member and Be The Business Board Advisor, Charmaine is passionate about DE&I, representation and people transformation through learning and development.

Charmaine made Northern Power Women’s Future List 2022, leads with the philosophy of ‘pay it forward’ and is on a mission is to create a blueprint for disadvantaged people with a desire to create an amazing, unconventional career

Alison Loveday Consultant - LLM Solicitors

A lawyer who has a passion for people and business, who is well embedded in the Manchester business community . Alison is based in the City Centre where she is a consultant with the commercial legal firm Lockett Loveday McMahon Solicitors, and she also has her own business advisory company.

Alison is a champion of equality in the workplace, recognising the importance of diversity, inclusion and promoting health and well-being at work. This is not in response to ‘the latest trend’ but is something she has done throughout her thirty plus year career. In addition, she is keen to support the future generation – promoting links between the workplace and schools /colleges/ and our universities and working with various Mentoring programs.

Alison is a keen supporter of North West Business Community, being a Director of pro-manchester, and Co-Chair of the pro-manchester Skills Committee. She is also an Ambassador for the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity (which raises money for and promotes awareness of the experience of homelessness) ,supporter of the Booth Centre for the Homeless, the Smart Works Charity and is a Trustee for the Wise Owl Trust.

Alison is a member of the Northern Power Woman Power List, and the Women of the Year Awards. She regularly provides comment to the media- National press, radio and television.

Sharon Amesu Director SA Consulting and Former Chair Manchester IOD - SA Consulting

Sharon Amesu is a multi-award winning Professional Speaker who started her career in Law. She was a Criminal Barrister for 16 years with a successful practice across the Northwest of England. Sharon now runs a Consultancy that supports organisations with Leadership Development and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. As a Professional Speaker, Sharon is invited to speak to national and international audiences on Women in Leadership, Inclusive Leadership and Leading with Courage.

Sharon is a Founding Fellow of the Society of Leadership Fellows, St George’s House, Windsor Castle, a former Industry Fellow of the University of Salford Business School, and former Branch Chair for the Institute of Directors. Sharon is a member of the Northwest Business Leadership Team and is a Board member of The Hallé Orchestra.  Sharon was recognised as a Northern Power Woman in the prestigious in the Northern Power Women list of 2021.

Kirsty Collin Global Head of CRM - Gleeds

Kirsty is a seasoned professional with over 18 years in the construction industry, currently serving as the Global Head of CRM at Gleeds. Beyond her impressive career, Kirsty is a leader in construction and a passionate advocate for mental health awareness.

Kirsty’s non-traditional career journey showcases her tenacity and determination in forging her own path. She brings a unique perspective to the business world.

Her commitment extends to empowering voices in the business landscape. Kirsty is on a mission to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health, leveraging her personal experiences to foster open conversations within the industry and beyond.



Joanne Grobbelaar Strategic Business Consultant & Coach -

Joanne is a strategic business consultant, coach and facilitator. She brings over two decades of business experience combined with an innate acumen of effective leadership skills to help high-achieving business owners and senior executives build profitable businesses.  This is delivered through her Four-step Success System; ‘Stop, Pause, Think, Now Act’ – a programme aimed at giving business owners and senior executives the tools to grow emotional intelligence, drive profitability and maximise growth.

Joanne is fiercely passionate about seeing her clients’ businesses grow. As a visionary, her success is founded on her ability to draw on her natural skills of leadership, facilitation, strategic thinking, persistence, humour, discretion, and unstoppable determination.

In 2019, Joanne launched the Stop Pause Think Now Act Podcast, interviewing business leaders on their journey to success. Last year, she launched ‘Money Can Be Your Love Story’ as part of her immersion days programme. Joanne firmly believes that regardless of relationship status, it’s essential to have responsibility and knowledge about one’s wealth.

Joanne spent 20 years in the corporate sector, working as Head of Division for a Live Events Company before being promoted to General Manager. She was Account Director for one of the world’s largest airlines, responsible for landing the business a seven-figure global deal. A little-known fact is that she is a European sailing champion.


In 2019, Joanne launched the All-In Podcast, interviewing business leaders on their journey to success. Last year saw the launch of ‘Money Can Be Your Love Story’ as part of her programme of immersion days, as Joanne firmly believed that regardless of relationship status, having responsibility and knowledge around your wealth is essential. A little-known fact is that she is a European sailing champion.


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