The First 60 Minutes: Decisive Actions in a Cyber Incident Response

Date: Tuesday 25th June 2024
Time: 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
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Cost: Free
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Clearly, you should always aim to be 100% secure all the time, but the reality is that it’s incredibly hard, if not impossible. What would you do if (or perhaps when) disaster strikes and you do have a cyber incident? Where would you start? Are you really, truly, ready?

In the heat of the moment, panic can set in. You may think you can simply tell your service partner to fix things, but it’s rarely that simple.

Join Mark Tunstall, an experienced leader in the IT and technology space, as he demystifies the process of preparing for and responding to cyber incidents. Mark will initiate the session by aligning mindsets around the reality that even the most secure businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and how leadership is critical both before, during and after an attack. He will then delve into essential concepts and high-level strategies to help you cope if the worst of situations happen.

Expect an interactive session filled with practical insights. A comprehensive Q&A segment will follow, where Mark will address your specific concerns, hypothetical scenarios, and provide tailored responses to ensure you leave with actionable knowledge.

About the Speakers:

Mark Tunstall Director - Orca

Mark Tunstall moved into the IT and technology space in 1997, setting up his own Managed Service Provider (MSP) business in 2001. This has since grown to over 40 people, £5m turnover and looks after many professional service businesses that are high growth, acquisitive in nature and often quite complex. Specialising in remote working and modern-workplace, Orca are well positioned to service SME’s with high-growth potential.

Mark continues to offer Account Management and Virtual CIO services to all Orca’s clients in a hands-on manner with pragmatic, sensible and cost-effective solutions, supported by a fantastic and knowledgeable team.



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