The importance of menopause awareness for all- webinar

Date: Tuesday 18th October 2022
Time: 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: Virtual, , ,
Cost: Free
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18th October is World Menopause Day and the pro-women committee invite you to join them and our expert keynote speaker, Lisa Wright of Menopause the Wright Way for open and honest discussion around the menopause and the importance of awareness for all.

The event will cover:

What are perimenopause and menopause

  • It’s all about the hormones!
  • Different types of menopause
  • Menopause symptoms – so many, really?
  • The business impact of the menopause
    • Financial
    • operational performance
  • Steps businesses can take to become menopause friendly
  • The personal impact of the menopause
    • On you directly &
    • Indirectly on others around       you
  • Supporting partners / family members

About the Speakers:

Lisa Wright Founder - Menopause the Wright Way

After a career spent working within the data industry, including 18 years as the Managing Director of an internationally based corporate, Lisa decided to change focus and pursue a business opportunity based upon her lifelong interest in sport, nutrition, health, and well-being. Following the completion of a Masters’ degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science at University of Chester, , Lisa founded MtWW. Lisa’s interest in the subject was triggered by her dissertation research project examing the impact of Vitamin D on menopausal symptoms experienced by female endurance athletes. She has undertaken menopause specific training with the International Menopause Society, Newson Health Menopause Society and continues to update her knowledge around all aspects of female hormonal health.

MtWW helps organisations and individuals to manage the impact of this life transition that women will experience. Support and guidance are available for diverse groups including:

• senior leaders, enabling them to understand the business impact.
• managers, who may have menopausal team members and need to have difficult conversations.
• female employees, providing evidence-based information and support around all aspects of the perimenopause and menopause.
• male employees wishing to support their partners.

Interested In The Event?

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