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How to maximise the chances of securing the funding you need for your business

Over the course of the last 12 months the support measures to business have included the government backed loan schemes […]
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Understanding patents and the patent application process

A patent is the grant of a monopoly right for an idea or development which is new and not obvious […]
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Why you need to add a recruiter to your list of business advisors?

As a business owner you’ll use a variety of advisors to assist you on your business journey.  An accountant, solicitor, […]
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How North West management teams can unlock growth post-pandemic

The dramatic changes brought about by the pandemic have led business leaders to focus on short-term objectives, supporting their employees […]
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Blockchain and AI make a powerful pair

They used to be little more than buzzwords, but that’s not the case anymore. Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) have evolved into leading […]
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What is Breathing Space and what does it mean for me as a business with debts to recover?

After a turbulent 12 months, where businesses continue to weather the Covid storm and have faced widespread restrictions, we are […]
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