Influencer Marketing Done Right, featuring Media Agency Group and Tailify

Tuesday, 19th June 2018

Guest blog by Media Agency Group

Manchester’s digital finest will be uniting on Friday 6th July at the Big Social Media Conference 2018, to discuss the latest in Social Media and Digital Marketing trends from the world’s top experts.

At the conference, Media Agency Group will partner with Tailify to take you through how influencer marketing has evolved in the last 300 years, and what we can learn from it. They will share some valuable findings from thousands of campaigns, and present top influencer marketing hacks for 2018. Also, in the session, they will showcase a campaign they delivered to a Manchester fast fashion brand and best practices for the industry.

Talking about the event Ricardo, Head of Digital for Media Agency Group, said: “Influencer Marketing is a really, really important media channel and we can’t wait to showcase how it can be done at scale in a truly integrated way with supporting data.”

With a more and more complex funnel and approaching advertising Through-the-Line, Influencer Marketing plays a huge part from awareness, through advocacy and purchases. And not only in product-based industries, it performs exceptionally well for services. Take a think about a product you recently invested in. Where did you hear about it? Was it online? Or from a friend? At the start of most purchases, is a recommendation. Peer-to-peer human recommendations have a tremendous potential to kick-start or fuel a customer’s journey.

Join Media Agency Group and Tailify at the conference to learn more about all things Influencer Marketing by visiting