Is 5G the most important invention since the internet?

Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

On 20th August an incredible line up of speakers took to the stage to discuss 5G and how it’s likely to change the world.  The panel hosted by Danny Simpson, CEO – MID Communications explored the range of applications including smart cities, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, security and mobile gamers.  Our stellar line up included Liz Scott – Tech Nation, Dr Iain Reid – MMU Business School, Paul Wilson – UK5G, Mark Corbett – Oppo Mobile.

Everyone was agreed that 5G will be a game-changer for the digital revolution we are in the midst of. It presents us with an opportunity to have constant connectivity like never before.  The big thing with 5G is the latency. Latency is essentially speed of communication between to points or units, and 5G is about to make this communication so much faster. The brain communicates on average around 0.8ms and 5G will communicate about 0.3ms. That is what will revolutionise technology most this mixed with the increased connectivity of service.  With this speed, autonomous vehicles and devices alike will be communicating with their information dispensers quicker than your brain can and will make decisions to react much faster.  In Summary this will make service 40 times more responsive, 10 times faster, 20% more power efficient than 4G Networks.

Watch back this fascinating session to hear from our experts.