It turns out, maybe we all “do” economics…

Tuesday, 9th October 2018

Blog by Mel Hill

If there’s anything I remember from the 2004 election, when I was a teenage school child with very minimal interest in politics, it’s the below advert.

“I thought you didn’t do politics” was the phrase used whenever Mr “I don’t do politics” complained. It’s what got me thinking about politics from a young age and it’s what inspired me when marketing our upcoming Economics of Greater Manchester Conference.

I always thought “I didn’t do economics”, until I realised that everything we do affects our economy. At our conference, experts will be discussing pollution, housing, homelessness, tourism, employment trends and more. All of which are of interest to me personally.

Our economics conference isn’t just economists speaking to delegates about the latest markets and trends. While this will be touched on – it wouldn’t be an economics conference without it; it is more about what is happening in our region that is going to directly affect us and our economy.

Anyone who works or frequents the city centre will have spotted the huge increase in cranes flooding the Manchester skyline – our Events & Operations Director, Nicola recently counted 78 cranes from the window of the new Crowne Plaza on Oxford Road!

This sudden surge is due to the belief investors have in our city. Our city is expanding massively. The latest State of City Report shows that 527,000 people are living in the city, but what’s next for Manchester?

Will this investment see changes in our employment trends? Will our carbon footprint reduce as well as Andy Burnham plans it to? How important is tourism to the city?

Our wealth of leading experts, comprising of public sector professionals, leading businesses and local authorities will be answering all of these questions and more.

This month’s Economics Conference is focusing on Greater Manchester – it’s about what we can do to make our region an even better place to live and work and what current affairs are affecting and benefiting our economy.

Join us to learn more about the changing face of retail, our skills challenge, life after Brexit and a whole lot more.

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