#IWD2018 Who Inspires: Sam Booth?

Thursday, 8th March 2018

Name: Sam Booth
Job title: Deputy CEO
Company: pro-manchester

Sam is Deputy CEO of pro-manchester and responsible for the organisation’s corporate engagement as well managing all existing key partnerships and member relationships. Whilst providing support to her team, Sam manages the development and delivery of the sector group programme alongside managing the day to day running of the business.

Which woman has inspired you most?

My mum – She has always been a strong, resilient, caring, compassionate influence in my life. She taught me to be kind and loyal but also independent. She has always supported me along the paths I have chosen to take and given me the confidence to be my own person and learn from my own mistakes.
Lady / Princess Diana – Also my mothers idol. She carried herself with grace, elegance and class. Her compassion and passionate approach to helping others was and always will be inspiring. The ‘peoples princess’ forever.

Which famous/historical woman inspires you most?

Victoria Wood – A proud northern lass who didn’t appear to take herself or life to seriously. Her approach to life and devotion to making people smile and be happy is certainly something I admire and have adopted in my own life.

What does feminism mean to you?

I’m not a big fan of the label feminist, or the word feminisim, I feel it often conjures up unfavourable connoations that can be easily taunted but for this purpose, for me it is about true strength and determination to pursue what is right and fair. I believe we must strive for equality as a whole for everyone regardless of sex, race or ability.

Have you found your industry to be particularly tougher for women? If so, how did you overcome this?

Personally I have been extremely fortunate to have been supported and encouraged throughout my career. Historically the Financial and Professional service sector has been extremely male dominant but I am pleased to say that over my 11 years at pro-manchester I have witnessed the balance being redressed. We are not there yet but we are definitely on the right road.

This year’s #IWD2018 theme is #PressForProgress how do you feel, as women we can push for equality faster?

More women need to be celebrated and encouraged to come forward. Confidence is key and more needs to be done to encourage more women to pop their heads above the parapet.