Meet our Board: Ngozi Weller – Director, Aurora

Tuesday, 23rd January 2024

At pro-manchester, we take great pride in being an organization driven by our valued members. Our board and committees consist entirely of member firms, and we are thrilled to introduce you to some of the exceptional individuals who contribute to making pro-manchester the remarkable organization it is today.


Who is Ngozi Weller?

I am a culture change consultant and an ICF accredited coach who helps build resilience into your business by creating psychologically safe workplaces that enable employees to thrive. I established Aurora with my business cousin Obehi in 2017 after struggling with burnout which caused me to leave my corporate role. As a result, I am determined that nobody should have to struggle with their mental health in silence.  At Aurora we believe that good mental health and wellbeing is as fundamental to life as good physical health and that businesses have a responsibility to empower their employees to have both.

On a personal note, when I’m not doling out advice, you’ll usually find me sitting mute on the sofa scrolling through the Netflix catalogue. On weekends, I’m an avid cook and lover of good food, good music, and great company, but not always in that order! I’m happily married with two autistic kids and was recently diagnosed with ADHD and now my life makes a lot more sense.


Can you remember what you wanted to be when you were growing up?

Not to sound too dramatic, but for me, I wanted to make the world better, to be a real-life superhero. I had visions of becoming a female Kofi Annan, of saving the world one crisis zone at a time. But then…life happened. You grow up, you grow fearful. You have a few setbacks, a few tough breaks. Reality. Fear and reality. I say both because it took both to stop me from pursuing my dream. Reality told me to get a “proper job”, a mortgage and a savings account. Reality warned me about The Glass Ceiling and my unlikelihood to succeed. Then fear chimed in. Fear whispered “What makes you so special? Who are you to be brilliant?”. It’s taken years of hard work for me to now confidently reply “Who am I not to be?”. Know this – you are doing nobody any favours by not being your brilliant best, least of all you! That is why I do what I do, encouraging others to understand and fulfil their potential. So, my career highlight has to be starting Aurora!


Name three words that describe your personality

I asked my son and he said “funny, kind and smart”. My daughter Layla said “talkative, smiley and energetic”. I think that they both know me so well, the truth lies somewhere between the two!


Why did you decide that you wanted to be part of the pro-manchester board?

I fell in love with pro-manchester a few years ago and have always felt welcomed and part of the community. But I am conscious that there aren’t enough people who look like me at our events. Manchester is an incredibly diverse and multi-cultural city, so where is the representation at pro-manchester? That’s what I want to change, to help pro-manchester better reflect the diversity of this great city that we serve.


What’s the best thing about pro-manchester?

Hands down this is the best business network in Manchester and the Northwest because of the power of its people – those that run it and those that are in it. In typical Manc spirit, there’s a warmth and sincerity here that I haven’t felt elsewhere, and I’ve tried out several business networks on my entrepreneurial journey, believe me! It feels like home.


What more would you like to see from pro-manchester this year?

I’d like to see pro-manchester become more racially diverse and to also do more in educating and leading the member organisations on how they can do the same.


What are your priorities for 2024?

To continue to grow my business significantly whilst keeping a firm grip on my sanity – much easier said than done.


What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment?

I love this city that has been my home for almost 20 years. The challenges we face are largely the same as those faced across the rest of the country: the ongoing cost of living crisis and its impact on things like homelessness, food banks etc; the failure of the levelling up agenda with HS2 being scrapped – what a missed opportunity for us. I also really feel that the city needs to address the criticisms levelled at it by the Cotton Capital report: if Black people make up 15% of the population in Manchester, why is it that we occupy just 4.6% of top public positions?


What’s your Favourite Quote or Saying?

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” – I live by that one. I’ve always been a worrier and over-thinker, it’s my way of trying to prevent problems. So I had to learn how to take action in spite of my fears, otherwise I would never do anything! But “we stand on the shoulders of giants” is a close second because I know that I have only been able to make the strides that I have because of the sacrifices of those who came before me.


What’s your Favourite Meeting place in Manchester

Virgin Money on Market Street as it’s central and free. But otherwise, literally any Bruntwood building – they’re lush!