Member Spotlight: Grace Roddie, Associate in the Technology and IP Team – TLT LLP

Wednesday, 24th March 2021

Each week we get to know one of our members a little better. This week it’s Grace Roddie, Associate in the Technology and IP Team – TLT LLP…


  1. Favourite quote or saying?

I don’t have a favourite quote or saying (or one that I can recall!), but one thing my friend said to me the other day which stuck with me was that “it’s okay to put yourself first”. Something I think it’s important for people to remember, particularly at the moment.

  1. Career highlight?

My area of work means I am lucky enough to work with businesses that are on the cutting-edge of technology – whether it’s online retailers, established financial institutions or Fintech start-ups. This means I frequently work on strategic transactions that may impact on the way consumers interact with their bank, or the way we shop online. However, being promoted late last year and gaining my CIPP/E certification (a data protection and privacy certification issued by the International Association of Privacy Professionals) have been pretty notable events.

  1. Why do you love pro-manchester?

I like how pro-manchester connects various businesses and industries across the city to drive forward innovative sectors (such as Fintech). I spoke at the Trailblazing Tech event last year and it was so inspiring to see the opportunities available in the city.

  1. What are you reading at the moment?

I’ve just finished reading “Girl, Woman, Other” by Bernadine Evaristo and am about to start a puppy training book. My partner and I are getting a puppy in a few weeks so reading-up in this area will be an essential step in preparing for it!

  1. What are you watching at the moment?

We have a couple of series on the go. We are currently watching Succession and are also about halfway through Modern Family (I’m very late to the party on the latter!).

  1. Favourite meeting place in Manchester?

I am a big fan of Federal – excellent coffee and exceptional pastel de natas. Their iced coffees kept me going during the summer!

  1. Favourite lockdown activity?

I recently moved out of the city centre to Didsbury, therefore there have been quite a few lockdown walks (with coffee in hand) exploring the area.

  1. Most creative meal that you cook?

Anything from the Dishoom cookbook – always quite complex, involving a lot of ingredients but tastes excellent (if I say so myself!)

  1. Most creative thing you’ve seen on a video call during the lockdown?

I participated in a cocktail-making and cookery course – two of my favourite things combined!

  1. Most mundane task you’ve completed since being in lockdown?

Painting a ceiling. One of the joys of moving house during lockdown (and surprisingly, actually quite tricky to do without getting covered in paint!).

  1. What are you looking forward to doing again the most after lockdown?

Meeting-up with family and friends and celebrating all of the milestones that have been reached over the last year or so – promotions, first homes, engagements and big birthdays to name a few!