Member Spotlight: Raji Vaidyanathan, Managing Director – HK Advisory

Wednesday, 28th April 2021

Each week you get to learn a little more about one of your fellow members… This week it’s Raji Vaidyanathan, Managing Director – HK Advisory.


  1. Favourite quote or saying?

“Don’t be afraid to start over. This time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.”

  1. Career highlight?

In 2006 I did an MBA project for ASDA to establish a critical path for its complex supply chain. This project was a great success in that I created a Supply Chain improvement strategy that achieved a 30% reduction in lead time. As a reward, I got an employment contract with ASDA, which enabled me to execute the strategy & also identify Millions on operational expense savings in the supply chain.

  1. Why do you love pro-manchester?

I joined pro-manchester only a few months ago though I have known Sam from before and the rest of the SME club team.

The team are amiable and build a genuine one to one rapport with you.  They have a system where collaboration seems to be the key to success and hence makes you feel a part of the pro-manchester team and not just a member.

  1. What are you reading at the moment?

A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth.  It gives a rare insight into the early 1950s; in an India newly independent and struggling through a time of crisis, A Suitable Boy, on the surface of it, seems like a love story, but it is much more.  It creates a profound impact emotionally through the various characters and provides food for mental acquisitiveness. The deep dive into the inner workings of politics, law, medicine, shoemaking, industry, the intricacies of Indian culture, customs, and psychology takes you right to these realms’ inner core and proffers you a vicarious experience. No wonder it is one of the top 100 Novels of our times. Vikram Seth is an amazing writer.

  1. What are you watching at the moment?

The Celebrity Bake Off & The Masterchef

  1. Favourite meeting place in Manchester?


  1. Favourite lockdown activity?

Walking and exploring the beautiful trails around Manchester.

  1. Most creative meal that you cook?

Different versions of Mexican Chilli.  I am a vegetarian, and hence I try to get meat alternatives like Soya for protein replacement and experimenting.

So the challenge lies in making it healthy and delicious at the same time.

  1. Most mundane task you’ve completed since being in lockdown?

Organising Paperwork

  1. Do you write a blog that you’d like us to share?

  1. What are you looking forward to doing again the most after lockdown?

Meeting people face to face to have a chat and going on a holiday.