Member Spotlight: Steve Munro, Senior Associate Consultant, Oakridge Training & Consulting

Tuesday, 8th December 2020

Each week we get to know one of our members a little better. This week it’s Steve Munro, Senior Associate Consultant, Oakridge Training & Consulting…

1. Favourite quote or saying?

“Be kind to yourself while striving to be your best.”- Albert Ellis
No one is tougher on ourselves than ourselves – I’m learning to cut myself a bit of slack!

2. Career highlight?

Joining Oakridge Training & Consulting – it was my step out of Corporate life into the ‘gig economy’ and what a great bunch of people to work with.

3. Why do you love pro-manchester?

Anything that can help a community is great – Pro Manchester is a great idea to help us help ourselves

4. What are you reading at the moment?

I’m not a great fiction reader so most of my reading is “reality based/work based” – but just finished “The Platoon “ – a first-hand account, ‘fictionalised’ by a great war soldier – loads of amazing historical foot notes by historians and I’m just about to challenge myself and read Piers Morgan’s new book “Wake Up”

5. What are you watching at the moment?

Watching back series of Portrait Artist and Landscape Artist of the Year – amazing watching creativity happen. I’m going to pick up my long forgotten paint brush and pencil!

6. Favourite meeting place in Manchester?

The burger van just outside of ‘my’ entrance to the Etihad stadium… but for meetings with a bit of difference – the Science and Industry Museum… send people out among the exhibitions for 20 minutes to find inspiration for the topic of the session – brilliant.

7. Favourite lockdown activity?

Walking with my wife and having a cup of coffee and a bit of banana bread afterward. Simple pleasures.

8. Most creative meal that you cook?

I don’t cook – I assemble – just ask my kids!! – my go to though is Chilli Con Carne

9. Most creative thing you’ve seen on a video call during the lockdown?

A bunch of my Oakridge mates passing a virtual tennis ball to test out a new exercise – Hilarious!

10. Most mundane task you’ve completed since being in lockdown?

(Sigh) – doing my tax return…I don’t know why I put it off – it’s not that painful in reality

11. Do you write a blog that you’d like us to share?

No, but I’ve recently jumped into hosting a new series of podcasts for Oakridge… what a great way to meet interesting people, learn something new and help our clients… what’s not to like? Series 1 has been released, series 2 is currently being recorded, and look out for a new host in series 3! The overall aim of the podcast series is to provide listeners with practical tools that can be put into practice right away to support individuals and their organisations. You can listen to the podcast here:


12. What are you looking forward to doing again the most after lockdown?

Well I’m now a Grandad – so it’s being able to hug my Grandkids and high five the parents for doing such an amazing job with them.