Aurora is a culture change consultancy that builds resilience into your business through mental wellbeing, leadership development, and productivity.  They help create psychologically safe workplaces that enable employees to thrive through the implementation of their bespoke corporate wellbeing strategies and personal development programmes.

This company is run by management training consultant Ngozi Weller and her cousin, psychologist and
stress management coach Obehi Alofoje. With combined experience of over 25 years in business
management and helping people overcome mental health challenges, they are uniquely placed to both
understand and meet your employees’ wellbeing needs.

They believe that good mental health and wellbeing is as fundamental to life as good physical health. In
order for your employees to perform at your best, they need to be at their best. That is why Ngozi and
Obehi know that strengthening your employees’ mental resilience is the key to unlocking their full
potential, especially in a post-pandemic era.

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