Carter & Corson Partnership Limited

Founded in Manchester in 1999, Carter Corson psychologists have coached, assessed and developed leaders in household name organisations, work with boards and exec teams across the UK, USA and Europe.

If there is a behavioural challenge, senior individuals or teams not achieving their full potential then we can help.  Emotionally messy doesn’t scare us either – we don’t judge. We support organisations to have better relationships, working as a whole system.  We love enabling people to be freed from old behavioural code or hidden loyalties, to be the leaders they can be.  We also enjoy supporting people to move from good to exceptional – people are not broken and don’t need ‘fixing’ – no matter how challenging things might feel.  Our coaches can challenge thinking and enable people to develop insights that unlock everything.

As a C-suite systemic coach, our founder Hazel is an award-winning facilitator, speaker and podcaster. In addition to National Partners, and Execs in the private and public sector,   Hazel specialises in supporting families with businesses to navigate complex family dynamics and the legacy of business success.

Whether it’s a workshop or psychometric assessments, we believe in delivering beautiful work that matters, where people feel genuinely seen and heard.  We coach people through difficult transitions and endings and we promise that your heart is safe in our hands.