Claritee Group

Claritee is a revolutionary wellbeing company, transforming the corporate approach to mental health and wellness.

Exploding onto the Manchester scene in September with their anticipated second event titled Be The Spirit, Claritee will be showcasing the benefits of their no alcohol concept for corporate social events. With a premium three course meal, various high energy entertainment acts, a celebrity panel with sports figureheads and A list modelling royalty, various fundraising auctions for their chosen charity NACOA and an ongoing team development interactive challenge, Claritee promotes authentic connections and enjoyment through the clarity of a sober mind. A fully inclusive event for all prioritising employee wellbeing, Be The Spirit is becoming the sought after event to attend in the North West.

Claritee is a multifaceted organisation with their no alcohol corporate events, bespoke corporate training programmes, the establishment of their CIO sector and their availability to host events for any organisation. Leading with compassion and integrity, Claritee is a trusted company aiming to improve the wellbeing of those in the corporate sphere.