County Cost Consultants Ltd

“Since its inception in 2000, County Cost Consultants has firmly established itself as a leading firm specialising in cost recovery across a diverse range of industries. With an impressive track record, the firm has handled hundreds of cases, achieving remarkable success rates and cultivating enduring relationships with an extensive client base. The cornerstone of County Cost Consultants’ sustained success and longevity in the field lies in their deep rooted knowledge and extensive experience, making them a flagship in the legal cost recovery sector.

Notably, the firm’s unmatched capability to adeptly manage any case, regardless of its complexity, size, or the parties involved, sets it apart. Whether representing Claimants or Defendants, tackling individual claims or navigating group litigations, County Cost Consultants’ adaptability and comprehensive approach ensure tailored, outstanding service.

Dedicated to providing bespoke services, the firm closely aligns with each client’s specific needs, committing to a supportive partnership throughout the entire duration of a case. Over 24 years, County Cost Consultants has remained agile and versatile, seamlessly adapting to the continuously evolving world of cost law. This resilience and commitment to innovation emphasises County Cost’s unwavering dedication to excellence in legal cost management and client service.”