Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing

We guide businesses through the process of creating a wellbeing culture and strategy, that increases both the productivity and profitability of your organisation. Our initiatives are designed to increase employee awareness of how investing in their wellbeing, both physically and mentally, can improve their productivity and their quality of life. We also assist them in implementing change and taking responsibility for their advancement.

We are also passionate about making sustainable changes that can be embedded into business processes. We carry out employee health checks, using this data as a baseline level of measurement. We host workshops to increase employee awareness, and coach individual team members who are need of a higher level of engagement. We actively train wellbeing champions within your organisation who can deliver actionable steps and signpost other employees, building a culture of wellbeing internally. We support you to continually measure, plan and embed a wellbeing strategy that works, looking at the wellbeing challenges of the future, and addressing them now in a preventative way, so you are protected when those challenges arise.

Our delivery is CPD accredited, aligned with the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, and continually evolving to ensure that we provide you with the cutting edge solutions to give your employees the hidden advantage that is under-utilised here in the UK.