EY Foundation

Giving young people a great start to their working lives.

We work to give young people the skills, experiences and support to get the jobs they really want, and connect employers to talented young people across the UK.

The EY Foundation works with a range of employers to provide young people facing barriers to entering the workplace with the skills, support, experience and opportunities to succeed.

Watch EY Foundation Ambassador Suaad share what she enjoyed most about our Smart Futures programme, and how it helped her in her career journey here.

Why should employers work with us?

  • Access a diverse talent pool
  • Get young people work ready
  • Provide your staff with quality volunteering opportunities, with CPD (Continual Personal Development) credits attached
  • Support local labour markets and communities
  • Network with like-minded employers
  • Help meet social mobility compact requirements

If you share our belief that young people and social entrepreneurs shouldn’t have to get lucky when it comes to accessing good opportunities, then we’d love you to get involved!