Handelsbanken Manchester

Handelsbanken is a bank built on strong and lasting relationships. We focus first and foremost on satisfying our customers by providing the best local advice and service we can. Every customer has direct day-to-day access to their account team, and we offer universal facilities for both individual and corporate customers.

Handelsbanken is a local relationship bank, based on satisfied customers, financial strength and sustainable values. Each branch operates as a local business, which means they get to know their customers well and understand the local market and community. Our branches are empowered to make the majority of banking decisions which is why we say that the ‘branch is the bank’. As a Handelsbanken customer, you get to benefit from a dedicated account manager who is able to give expert advice and make decisions based on your financial requirements.

Our success rests on strong relationships with satisfied customers, and we continuously strive to improve the products and services we offer. That’s why we are delighted to have been rated top for satisfaction twelve years running.