Howorth Air Tech

For over 160 years the Howorth name has been synonymous with providing clean air solutions. Since our development of the Ultra Clean Ventilation system in the 1960’s, we have been more closely associated with providing controlled clean air for operating theatres.

Today, sales of our Exflow UCV canopy system to both UK and overseas customers remain strong, but we now offer an even broader range of complementary operating theatre and ITU equipment including operating lights, medical service pendants and digital workflow solutions.

For over 25 years, we have also been developing a wide range of innovative containment solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry. These systems utilise clean air engineering to provide the highest levels of operator and process protection.

To ensure our customers also get outstanding product support and aftermarket service, Howorth has a team of engineers on the road throughout the UK and overseas, all fully trained to service and maintain our range of products.