In-House Health

We work with ambitious but over-stretched leaders, using a data-first approach to help them establish and eliminate the root cause of issues such as work-related stress and employee burnout so that they can improve team performance and retain and attract the right people for their organisation.

Founded by Emma-Louise Fusari, a nurse for 20 years, she works with you to assess and understand your employees’ health data to drive engagement, increase productivity, creativity, and ultimately your bottom-line profits.

You can work with us through:

  • Bespoke training and education
  • Our business M.E.T.A Wellbeing Audit, this is the first step in assessing and benchmarking the quality and effectiveness of Workplace Health Promotion within your organisation.

Read more here M.E.T.A Wellbeing Audit – In-House Health (

  • Our 12-month data-first M.E.T.A Programme®️ M.E.T.A is an acronym of the 4-step process that enables us to Measure, Evaluate, Transform and Analyse the state of health and wellbeing in your organisation.

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Are we the right fit for your organisation?

  • Do you want to significantly improve your organisation’s efficiency and timely delivery of client work?
  • Are you ready to take proactive action to do it?
  • Are you fed up with investing in wellbeing that doesn’t provide any long-term results?
  • Are you unsure of what areas of your business need to be reviewed to build a framework for improved wellbeing and culture in your teams?
  • Is this the time for you to take a more strategic approach to employee wellbeing so that you can hit the ground running for your best year EVER?


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