IoT Horizon Ltd

IoT Horizon is a full-service IoT Solutions Provider with a mission to create sustainable, smart buildings that foster healthy, energy-efficient workspaces.

Our dashboarding and integration services set us apart, offering user-friendly and visually compelling dashboards equipped with integrated analytics. These dashboards seamlessly combine data from our hardware installations and can integrate with existing sources like BMS systems or solar panel controllers. The result is a comprehensive overview that empowers our clients with valuable insights.

Our bespoke analytics services offer periodic reporting from our in-house experts. This not only showcases in-depth analyses but also provides actionable recommendations to optimise operations. In the realm of utilities, our focus on smart secondary and sub-metering ensures cost-effective monitoring and control solutions for water, gas, electricity, and liquid fuel. From a macro perspective down to individual sockets or machinery, our solutions, including smart lighting products, contribute to enhanced energy efficiency.

Furthermore, our capabilities extend to building fabric and equipment monitoring. Beyond energy sub-metering, we delve into aspects like damp and mould prevention, legionella compliance, leak detection, electric vehicle bay usage, and more. With equipment monitoring utilising noise, vibration, and electrical demand sensors, we empower clients with use optimisation and preventative maintenance. Occupancy and asset tracking solutions offer real-time and historical insights into building usage, encompassing entire sites to individual hot-desks, as well as tracking movable equipment and machinery.

In addressing environmental concerns, our air quality and environmental monitoring solutions offer a range of cost-effective sensing options. Standard features include temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and particulate monitoring, with customisable options available. This suite of services not only enhances office productivity and staff health but also contributes to energy efficiency by detecting and preventing overheating or overcooling.

Exclusive Member Offer

As a leader in smart building solutions, specialising in energy reduction, occupant wellbeing and space utilisation, IoT Horizon is pleased to offer a complimentary trial of our air quality monitoring system for a 2-week period. This trial will enable you to gain valuable insights into the real-time air quality conditions within your space, empowering you to make informed decisions to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of your occupants. At the conclusion of the trial period, we will review the system’s performance and explore potential next steps. For many of our clients, this trial has resulted in quick wins in terms of energy savings and environmental improvements.