Kwik Consulting

Kwik Consulting has a strong passion to find win-win through connection and collaboration in Finance & Emerging Tech.

I am a Finance professional with 23+ years of experience and I will help your Finance Team to become more robust and generate more value. How do I do that? It starts with a conversation to identify where you think the current bottlenecks are. I will then perform a free organisational scan and interview the key members who are part of the Finance processes. This will result in a report with my observations and recommendations after which you can decide if, whether or how you would like to proceed.

Kwik Consulting is in a partnership with several Tech partners which are focused on raising awareness of Blockchain and other emerging tech like AI and Machine Learning. Within the consortium we have 100+ Blockchain projects to dip into which will make Blockchain very real for you as we will be able to demonstrate the added value and benefits of this technology rather than focusing too much on the theory.

I love working with Startups and SME’s either through accelerator programs as an expert panel member or as startup coach to find the right synergies between the SME’s and the program funders. Next to that, I am also closely connected to an investment community for which I am scanning the market to find great investment opportunities.

Now this is fun! I am running a podcast with my business partner Shaun. It is called ‘The Curioddity Show’. This podcast provides an uncut, non-scripted platform for startups and tech companies to present themselves. The aim is to educate and to raise awareness about the technologies, products, and other relevant items which these companies have to offer.

Think Kwik – Think Win-Win!