With 20+ years experience revolutionising customer experiences, meet Lokulus, your AI workflow automation partner.

Lokulus’ platform is an AI driven workflow automation tool that delivers efficient, cost effective and personalised customer experiences, saving you time and money.

Lokulus’ easy to implement and adapt AI workflow automation will transform your customer focused business processes, benefiting those looking for a tool that goes beyond a simple ticketing system (or RPA) and don’t want to rely on choosing from a series of pre-defined workflows. From the outset Lokulus’ clients can set up their own workflows, with the support of a dedicated Manchester-based team, and can most importantly adapt these as the needs of their organisation and/or customers grow. No third party involvement or lengthy development timeframes, Lokulus is your partner for now, and the future.

The platform brings together information from multiple systems to intelligently manage, prioritise and respond. The result? Happier customers and a significantly reduced cost and time to serve.