MagnifyB is an affordable, 24/7, AI-driven, SaaS Application, which offers virtual advice, peer-benchmarking, performance management and tailored learning to businesses with between 1 & 49 employees. We aim to become “Mission Control for Business Success”, measuring and improving the “fitness level” of your business.

Our platform combines three key areas of support for any small business, to increase business productivity, Profitability & Cashflow:

  • Baselining & Performance Management
  • Benchmarking against peers
  • Tailored Learning

Our “pièce de résistance” is our proprietary WhatIf Financial Scenario Planner, which allows you to see the impact of small changes to your business in real-time!

Described by accountants, consultants and membership organisations as “A Game Changer for Small Business”, our application is intended to support SMEs, either directly or as part of an agreement with their current support channels.

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