Rapha Therapy & Training Services

Rapha Therapy & Training Services equips you in weathering the storms of business
and life by transforming organizations and Individuals through delivering cutting edge
psychotherapy ( Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ) , Coaching and dynamic CPD
Accredited training proven to improve performance, productivity, employee
engagement/retention and profits.

Our Accredited Expert Trainers combine current industry and professional knowledge
which guarantees transformation through knowledge transfer, experiential bespoke
psychological exercises proven to enhance retention of learning which leads to
neuroplasticity and long term change beyond the training. Our Signature courses are
impactful, engaging and accessible whilst providing learners with a plethora of
opportunities to be confident in applying insights and knowledge in the workplace

Our robust and artistic assessments provide insights into the optimal training
approaches that will be favourable to your organisation.

Signature Training Courses:

Rivers to Resilience
Revive , restore & Refocus : Mental Health Awareness
Mindful Moments
Secrets to Self Confidence & Success
Emotional Intelligence for Senior Leaders
Stress Busters for Success
Transformational goal Setting for supercharged success