Skilful Conversation

I am Catherine Brown, founder and director of Skilful Conversation Limited.

I bring a fresh approach to coaching and training by combining nearly two decades of working with companies and individuals, initially as a practising barrister and, more recently, as a trainer and facilitator.

My coaching philosophy is informed by my belief in the power and responsibility of the individual to bring about change in their professional and personal lives.  I believe that coaching at its best is coaching at its simplest – a skilful, directed blend of conversation and silence.  The skill coming in the coach’s ability to listen, to form and put appropriate questions in a supportive but challenging environment, to listen to and challenge the answers and to provide feedback.

Against that background, I employ a collaborative and conversational style which allows my clients to stop and think and gives them the time and space in which they can express themselves, explore new ideas and develop their own solutions.

I deploy my forensic skills to delve beneath the surface and identify what is perhaps not being said, or any incongruity between what is being said and what has been done.  This can be done to assist individuals or to carry out extensive research exercises amongst your staff.

I am passionate about bringing the positive aspects of self-development to solicitors and barristers but the approach I adopt is not specific to that sector and I welcome enquiries from all sectors and all sizes of business.

As a trainer, I specialise in demystifying law and legal procedure for those who need to do battle within it, both lawyers and parties.

I use my background to provide an innovative training experience, including a view from the other side of the courtroom.  15 years’ experience in practice and 4 years’ outside have helped me to understand what those on opposite sides of the fence really need to know about each other.

My preferred approach is tailored, bespoke workshops which I facilitate rather than deliver, using my coaching skills to ensure your objectives are met.

I can assure you of a professional and personal service from your initial enquiry through to delivery of the agreed service.  Please get in touch so that we can arrange a time to discuss your requirements at your convenience.